Wednesday, July 28

Dress-A-Friend Fanatic!

Every Friday, Polyvore holds a Dress-A-Friend 24 Hour Contest. You can submit up to 3 entries, choose a friend, make a set for them, e-mail it to them. Every week there is one winner. I hadn't really been paying much attention to the official Polyvore contests until recently, when I decided to try entering a few, and the Dress-A-Friend contests are my favorite. They are great because you can choose any style, any theme, and any friend. I have made them for my room mate, my sisters, my friends, and lots of others. The first official contest I ever won was a Dress-A-Friend Friday, and so was the second. Call me hooked. Here are a selection of my very favorite friendly make-over sets!

My Two Winning Sets!

Some Of My Other Favorites:

Now if I could just have all of that in my closet I could die happy! Can't wait till next Friday, can you? Thanks Polyvore!

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