Tuesday, July 13

TACORI Girl's Dream Wedding.

The latest Polyvore contest to capture my imagination is "A Tacori Girl's Wedding". Asking; How will you sparkle in Tacori diamonds? It’s summer wedding season - the weather is warm, the flowers are in bloom, and the Bride and Groom are awaiting their big day!

I think TACORI makes some of the most astounding rings there are to be seen, a girl would be a fool to say no to one. I have never dreamed of a formal wedding, but the diamond ring is something you carry with you every day. A classic ring with a timeless look and a personalized style, there is nothing more wonderful.

Here is a look at my TACORI Dream Wedding Sets:


  1. Thank you for showcasing your beautiful creations - they are amazing and perfect for the Tacori Bride. We link to your site from the Tacori blog: http://www.tacori.com/news/2010/07/how-will-you-sparkle-in-tacori-diamonds/ Keep on shining!

  2. I am so honoured, thank-you Tacori!