Saturday, August 15

Breaking The Bank.

I always wonder if paying more means looking better. If you splurge, certainly you cannot have as big a wardrobe, but either way it is a personal choice. Here are a series of sets I did, trying to ascertain which look is more pleasing, the more expensive one, or the one that pinches the pennies. Guess which one is the bank breaking extravaganza, and then look at the end of the post for the answers.









For complete outfit credits, please use the links to view the sets on Polyvore.
1. A (One Costs $5016.00 Canadian dollars. The Other is $231.64)
2. B (Costs $8509.00 Canadian, the other is $171.16 Canadian dollars.)
3. A (It costs $13,730.00 Canadian. The other is $279.72 Canadian dollars.
4. A (Costs $7360.00 Canadian, the other is $193.00 Canadian.)
5. B (It is Worth $11,950.00 Canadian dollars, the other is worth $162.11 Canadian.)
6. A (Costs $10,182.00 Canadian dollars, the other, just $288.00 Canadian.)
7. B (It is worth $62,250.00 Canadian dollars, the other is worth $235.00)
8. B (It costs $14,468.00 Canadian dollars, the other just $353.28)

~ Ketsy

In Living Colour.

I love vibrant colour sometimes, although it is very dependent on my mood. I am just as likely to go for a monochrome palette or simply basic black. This set is just pure joy, vibrant, and fresh. If I could, I think I would live my life in cocktail dresses and heels, there are simply too many to love. This set was inspired by the amazing gold and turquoise bracelet available from Browns Fashion UK. I think it is beyond stunning.

Playing with colour is particularly suited to virtual styling, since in the real world, it is far less practical then that little black dress you can wear over and over. No one would ever forget this dress, and why would they want to? Full outfit details and shopping links to be found by checking out the link below the image.

~ Ketsy

Red Grunge & Fringe.

Yesterday, while browsing the Browns UK web-shop, I came across the most amazing series of tops, using graphics from artist Beatrice Boyle, displaying her trademark distorted images of flawless models. I was beyond enchanted, I really love the distressed look on the face in this particular image.

I opted to create a grunge look, using red as a key colour element. Please visit the image link for a complete list of item credits and shopping links.

In Dreams...

I am a fashion forager, an animal picking my way through the forest of pretty things and weaving sweet dreams I can't touch, but hold dear just the same.

Welcome to my neck of the woods.

~ Ketsy