Wednesday, July 28

For The Love Of Kate Spade

I have adored Kate Spade products ever since I can remember, but certainly after seeing her first appearance on the Oprah show way back when. I love coluorful accessories, and boast my own bag collection at over 50 (just ask my mother who helped me move). I admire mixing and matching bold colours and prints, classic shapes and designs, and touches of whimsy that are irresistible.

Polyvore is celebrating the wonderful designs of Kate Spade this month, and I threw together a few sets inspired by some of her catch phrases. The more I looked at the website, and the items, the more in jeopardy my VISA card was becoming. Thank goodness I can play virtual dress-up online. Here are my Kate inspired sets!

Grab up some colour today at Kate Spade On-line!

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