Thursday, December 29

Art Of The Matter!

I have really been having some fun playing with Art sets these last few weeks. They can be incredibly time consuming, with the cut and paste, the layering, and choosing just the perfect images to use. But that is all part of the fun, and when other Polyvorians respond to my sets it makes it all worth while.

She Counts Flying Pigs In Her Dreams

She dreams of Para Paradise....

Iconic Art - The Dream Sender

She Said Her Head Was Too Full of Dreams...

A Room With A View

Another wonderful source of expression on Polyvore, is the "interior decor" design category. Create the room of your dreams, gather together bits and pieces of design inspiration, or even a whole home. Here are a few of my favorite interior design sets, the rooms I can decorate in my dreams if not in real life.

A Diva's Sitting Room

The Fashion Designers' Inspiration Room.

Making January My Muse

Where do you find your inspirations? I find them in just about everything, from something I see in the streets to a name, or even a month of the year. January is my muse this month, particularly a woman named January. She is fashionable, she is free, she comes in fresh and new and makes you pay attention. Here are some sets I have called "A Girl Named January", a glimpse at month as muse.

A Girl Named January

A Girl Named January

A Girl Named January

A Girl Named January...

This Holiday Sweater

Thursday, December 8

School Spirit - Canadians Have It Too!

I never really thought about my school spirit in relation to anyone else. We all have it to some degree, but perhaps being Canadian means I am less in your face about it than my American neighbors. We certainly don't have the same state to state rivalries, those that have legendary status and have people dedicating entire holidays to watching their teams. It is a more quiet pride.

As an Alum of Toronto's RYERSON UNIVERSITY, I have a soft spot for my team, the Ryerson Rams. When the School Spirit contest appeared this week on the official Polyvore Contest list, I decided to create a set reflecting not only my school spirit, but the fact that I am as proud as anyone about my school and team.

Canadians Have Spirit Too! RYERSON RAMS!

I am so proud of my amazing school and the spirit we have. Sports are so different in Canadian Universities. We don't have the same budgets, we don't scout players, we don't have huge $$$ Alumni Supporters, but we do have the same spirit! We love cheering on the teams, the players who play for pure love of the game, and we love to get silly! Every single student shares in that school pride, and we are so proud of our "little" CANADIAN UNIVERSITY.

The New Year's Eve Mini Editor!

I have been having fabulous fun putting together sets of party looks for New Year's Eve. It's the one night of the year that most people really get to go all out and get dolled up for an event. It's also a night where almost anything goes. Whether it's a party dress, a cocktail dress or a formal gown, they can all work at any champagne circuit soiree.

Light Up Your Look with Swarovski 15 - New's Year's Eve Countdown

Here are some of my own New Year's inspired looks, and I have put together a little Mini Editor of some favorite party frocks, evening bags, and gorgeous shoes that you can play with to make your own set of New Year's happiness. Enjoy and Have a Healthy, Happy, and Fashionable New Year!

New Year's Party Girl

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore