Thursday, August 5

Gotta Keep Em' Separated!

I have always loved the mix and match-ability of separates. Lets face it, we all love a perfect dress, but that is usually a big investment. I think Fall 2010 will be marked by a lot of mix and match, particularly mixing classic pieces from our existing wardrobes with the odd new find. The economy is still tanking, and who can afford to splurge on a single look outfit? The solution, buy a piece that can be worn many ways over many days.

Here are some examples of mix and match outfits that you can select a piece from and create a whole new outfit around. It's much more fun that sticking with a single dress and just selecting a matching clutch and heels.

For a great example of the ultimate mix & matcher, check out my favorite blogger, Tavi Gevinson on her blog, or look at her Polyvore sets!

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