Friday, October 28

Inspiration Sets: Mood Boards in Pale Yellow

Sometime I just want to be inspired. One of the best things about Polyvore is searching through the images that other members have clipped and finding treasures that inspire or speak to me in some way. I decided to do a series with soft pale yellow as a common tone. Some of the images may be familiar faces, silhouettes, or places. Others are images that are magical and unique, captured by people with a gift to see the usual in unusual ways. Whatever they are, they make sense to me as a "set", and they will foster inspiration in the form of not only Polyvore sets [both fashion and art], but also in my real life work and art.

Mood Board 1: Pale Yellow Inspirations

Mood Board 2: Pale Yellow Inspirations

Be-Witching Fashion Sets!

Here are a few fabulously wicked fashion sets inspired by the Halloween season. Think Modern Witch with a twist of fabulous!

Which Witch?

Practical Magic

That's Right... You Should Be Scared!

Talk Nerdy To Me!

Monday, October 24

A Real Halloween "Doll"

The Hellcat Halloween Fairy

The Halloween Fairy comes out in late October to play tricks on the unwitting and those that refuse to celebrate her night. She blows out the candles in your Jack'o Lanterns, steals candy from the big kids, and knocks on doors and runs away. Such a tricksy little Fae, but full of the Halloween Spirit for certain!

One of the most difficult of my "Colored Fairies" yet, it took a whole 50 item cuts to make her. See the rest of the collection HERE.

Sunday, October 23

Fun & [Almost] Free Halloween Looks

I love Halloween, always have. It is so much fun to be something else for a night and celebrate with friends, family, and best of all, junk food! Here are some do-it-yourself costumes that should make you smile and maybe even give you a great idea for this year's All Hallow's Eve! Happy Halloween Everyone!

Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume: Sookie Stackhouse

This one is a great easy costume that you can whip up in just a few minutes. You can buy the actual T-Shirt, Apron, and TRUE Blood Drink online... but you don't need to at all. Just print up an image of the "Merlotte's Bar" Logo and stick it to a white t-shirt. You can stitch up the little apron from a scrap of forest green fabric in a few minutes.Just fill any empty bottle with Red Wine or any Red Liquid, use food coloring, to look like blood.

Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes: Dr. Sheldon Cooper [The Big Bang Theory]

The most inexpensive and fun costume this Halloween.... with major BANG for your buck! Use what you have and get "Geek Chic" as Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Carry a used Physics Textbook for added "POW". Bazinga!

Do It Yourself Halloween Costume - ANGRY BIRDS!

This is what I will be wearing this year... and you can too! It is simple, chic, and trendy... but most of all FUN!!
1. Wear Read (From head-to-toe, tops and skinny jeans, a red shirt dress or kimono style dress like this one.)
2. Find an image of the red "ANGRY BIRD" on-line, just Google Image it. (Print it up and cut it out, reinforce it with cardboard if you like.)
3. Get a black headband and a handful of feathers from the craft store and attach the feathers and the ANGRY BIRD Image to it. ( or use a ready-made fascinator headband and attach the ANGRY BIRD image to that)
4. If you can find a "Pig Pillow", particularly green, carry it with you and give it a whack or a punch when you feel angry.

Monday, October 17

Stylist For A Day

I always wonder how I would fare as a Professional Stylist. I know I love putting looks together in my Polyvore sets, and often they express a "more is more" esthetic. But in reality, a Stylist is an Editor. I keen eye for trends, knowing your client, understanding the difference between "Runway" and "Real Way". Often it truly is a "Less is More" esthetic that works best for clients walking on the streets and Runways of the world. You have to edit down the accessories to key pieces that express the clients personality, yet remain on trend. Fashionable and wearable, and ultimately workable. Here is the first of a new series of sets I am working on called "How I Would Style It".

How I Would Style It: 1

Monday's Child...

I have always been intrigued by the poem known as "Monday's Child". I ascribes a certain personality to the child born an each day of the week. It makes me wonder if there is any truth to the poem, but mostly I wonder what these "children" would look like as adult women in the fashion sense. So I created a collection of seven sets, one with fashion for each of these spirited children. Which "Child" are you? How would you dress them all?

Monday's Child

Tuesday's Child

Wednesday's Child

Thursday's Child

Friday's Child

Saturday's Child

Sunday's Child

I've also created a contest in my Polyvore group TOTAL FASHION DOMINATION where you can express your own inner "Child". Pick a day of the week, or do them all, and create a set to match the sentiment of the day. Everyone is welcome to enter. Which "Child" are You?