Monday, October 17

Monday's Child...

I have always been intrigued by the poem known as "Monday's Child". I ascribes a certain personality to the child born an each day of the week. It makes me wonder if there is any truth to the poem, but mostly I wonder what these "children" would look like as adult women in the fashion sense. So I created a collection of seven sets, one with fashion for each of these spirited children. Which "Child" are you? How would you dress them all?

Monday's Child

Tuesday's Child

Wednesday's Child

Thursday's Child

Friday's Child

Saturday's Child

Sunday's Child

I've also created a contest in my Polyvore group TOTAL FASHION DOMINATION where you can express your own inner "Child". Pick a day of the week, or do them all, and create a set to match the sentiment of the day. Everyone is welcome to enter. Which "Child" are You?

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