Sunday, October 23

Fun & [Almost] Free Halloween Looks

I love Halloween, always have. It is so much fun to be something else for a night and celebrate with friends, family, and best of all, junk food! Here are some do-it-yourself costumes that should make you smile and maybe even give you a great idea for this year's All Hallow's Eve! Happy Halloween Everyone!

Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costume: Sookie Stackhouse

This one is a great easy costume that you can whip up in just a few minutes. You can buy the actual T-Shirt, Apron, and TRUE Blood Drink online... but you don't need to at all. Just print up an image of the "Merlotte's Bar" Logo and stick it to a white t-shirt. You can stitch up the little apron from a scrap of forest green fabric in a few minutes.Just fill any empty bottle with Red Wine or any Red Liquid, use food coloring, to look like blood.

Do-It-Yourself Halloween Costumes: Dr. Sheldon Cooper [The Big Bang Theory]

The most inexpensive and fun costume this Halloween.... with major BANG for your buck! Use what you have and get "Geek Chic" as Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Carry a used Physics Textbook for added "POW". Bazinga!

Do It Yourself Halloween Costume - ANGRY BIRDS!

This is what I will be wearing this year... and you can too! It is simple, chic, and trendy... but most of all FUN!!
1. Wear Read (From head-to-toe, tops and skinny jeans, a red shirt dress or kimono style dress like this one.)
2. Find an image of the red "ANGRY BIRD" on-line, just Google Image it. (Print it up and cut it out, reinforce it with cardboard if you like.)
3. Get a black headband and a handful of feathers from the craft store and attach the feathers and the ANGRY BIRD Image to it. ( or use a ready-made fascinator headband and attach the ANGRY BIRD image to that)
4. If you can find a "Pig Pillow", particularly green, carry it with you and give it a whack or a punch when you feel angry.

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