Thursday, August 26

It's Still Rock & Roll To Me!

Inspired by Katharine Polk's designer challenge, this week I was looking at the influence of Rock & Roll Culture on the Fall 2010 Trends. I didn't have to look far, since I am a part-time internet DJ. Here are some of my favorites.

Siouxsie Sioux was famous for wearing leather and lace, military inspired coats, and tons of other Rock & Roll looks long before they were considered Rock Chic. She is a true fashion icon and you can see her influence all over the runways, every season.

Joan Jett, Sioxsie Sioux, Patti Smith, Debbie Harry, Chrissie Hynde, Shirley Manson, the Female Icons of Rock. They inspired us then and now. Graphic Tees were everyone's look, and are still hot for fall. The Graffiti Denim is a total rock star look, inspired by grunge and that lived in look. These women threw on a Tailored Blazer over anything and hit the clubs, Boots were made for the Rock Star Walk, and chunky jewelry and tattoo inspired themes are all about the music. On every runway this fall, you see Military Inspired looks, Graphic Prints, and Leather, and these women wore it first and made it famous.

Rock & Roll always has pushed boundaries, and this is particularly true in fashion. Rock & Roll and Runway go hand in hand this season as always, but often it is a "Chicken and Egg" dilemma. I believe the biggest trends are always from the street first, and we are inspired but the music ans the images we see. This season, grunge, graphic, and military are major trends, but you saw them first on the Rock Gods & Goddesses of the past and present.

Arguably one of the most influential women in music history, but after the release of "The Runaways" movie this year, she has impacted a whole new generation. Joan made her own grunge tees before there was such a thing, she wore those leather pants like no one else. Her standard leather jacket became the look of all bad-ass girls to follow. Here you can see her influence in the suede pants, leather blazer, and graphic print tee, with biker influenced boots and bags, and cuffs not unlike Joan's studded standard. Some things never go out of style, and some influences are seen in every designer's collection at some point in their careers. This fall women are wearing strong bu still feminine, and this look nails it!

Pat Benatar has some serious pipes, and her anthem "Heart Breaker" says it all. She was such a huge icon of the 80s', her style was famous. All of the items featured are new for FALL 2010. Bucket Bags, Metallic Cuffs, Over The Knee Laced Boots, Graffiti Jeggings, Knit Tops, Leather Blazers. All very Rock & Roll, sexy as heck, and perfectly re-mixable in your wardrobe!

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