Monday, January 2

Oh You Beautiful Doll!

I am addicted to doll making lately, creating Art & Expression sets on Polyvore primarily featuring a "doll", or a hand built figure. You can start with an idea, or just by looking through the dozens of "Tubes Femme" or models on the Polyvore site. Get inspired by a face, a dress, a pair of shoes, a setting, and start building. Choose the head and cut it out of the background, find the torso, and then the arms that work together. It is like cutting images out of magazines, as many of us did as children, and putting together a person from all those cut bits.

It's hard to explain unless you can see it, and looking at the amazing sets created by the many Poly-Doll Creators o the site is a great start. Ultimately, we all develop our own methods of making dolls and art sets, or a variety of methods that work for us. The key is to keep playing, keep striving to make that work of art that wows us and inspires others. Here are more of my recent "Dolls", many created to be added to my new Polyvore Group "The Doll House", a new community for "Doll"-makers on Polyvore, or all skill levels, meant to showcase this highly creative and inspiring art form. It is nice to see that recent changes to Polyvore have allowed the "Art & Expression" sets to once again share in the spotlight, something that I have been missing for so very long.

Pretty Parlour Tricks

She was the kind of Girl....

When the party is over....

Happy New Year To You!

She of the Daisy Chain

A Suitcase Full of Steam Punk

Double The Trouble TWINS

On Point In A Teacup

Welcome to "The Doll House"

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