Wednesday, September 21

Having Some Fun

I am really enjoying some of the changes that have been made to Polyvore recently, particularly in the Editor. I love the new colour block option, so you can add effects with the perfect expanded palette. The new "Magazine Article" and "Frames and Borders" search options make creating templates and new sets so much faster. The new editor itself has much better custom background editing as well, it allows the creator to think beyond the average fashion set or collection of items. Here are some examples of some of the sets that have only become possible with the changes in the editor in the last year.

The Precocious Pink Fairy

The pink fairy is a stubborn and willful one, she will always want to do the opposite of what is expected. She makes mischief wherever she goes... stealing tiny items from your home, pestering your cats, and pushing doorbells as she flutters about. What a naughty fae!

The Relentless Red Fairy

The Red Fairy is a resourceful and determined fae, she believes that promises are meant to be kept and love promised is owed. She is the one that catches the tears you cry over a lost love, and turns them into a dust she sprinkles to bring sorrow to the one who broke your heart.

The Bashful Blue Fairy

The gentle Blue Fae is shy and reserved. She may hide among the cornflowers, peek out from under leaves and vines... but she sees all and in a student of the human condition. Don't underestimate her, she possesses a serene wisdom and kindness. She whispers words of comfort into the ears of slumbering folk.

The Shrinking Saffron Fairy

This skittish Golden Yellow Fae is an anxious little one, she is afraid of spreading her little wings and exploring the world around her. She fears making the wrong move, so she chooses to make no move at all. She simply goes where the wind takes her. Always in need of reassurance and elucidation, she relies heavily on her sister fairies to tell her who she should be.

The Gracious Green Fairy

This Earth Loving fairy is kind to all creatures and thrives in the long grasses and leaves of a well kept garden. She dances over the surface of small ponds and bird baths, and helps fetch bird-seed for her tiny avian friends. A warning though, do not pollute her beloved land or she will find ways to make your gas guzzling pollution monsters fail at the most important moments.

The Passionate Purple Fairy

This delicate Purple Fae is full of passion and pluck, she is tireless in her love of music, poetry, and art. She is a true friend to her sister Fae, and tries to show them the beauty that lies all around us. Every raindrop every petal on a flower is a gift from mother nature, and should be cherished. She helps inspire the artist in all of us by drawing our attention to those tiny miracles all around us.

The Benevolent Brown Fairy

The warm and loving Brown Fae is a vision of warmth and comfort. She sends good luck and feeling of joy to those she passes in her travels. Like a warm mug of cocoa or the smell of a hot latte, she not only sweetens the lives of those around her, but embraces and comforts. She is the shoulder we cry on when we think we are alone, and the one who wipes the tears away and gives us hope for a new day.

This type of set is often referred to as a "Doll Set". The use a variety of items in different and unique ways to create an overall image, like a paper doll, that is both whimsical and ingenious. If you want to see how I put these "Dolls" together and what items I used, please check out my Polyvore Feed.

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